The Narrows are one of Zion National Park’s most popular attractions. This is a section of Zion Canyon where a river bed is surrounded by steep rock walls. The Virgin River and its tributaries have etched this landscape for thousands of years, and their work continues as they erode the sandstone of the area.

We offer shuttle service to the Zion Narrows in the canyon and several stops throughout the east part of the park's vicinity, Kolob Terrace, and Kolob Canyon. The shuttles to the Narrows and destinations in the east depart at 6:00 am and 9:00 am and cost $35.00+tax/person or $32.00+tax/person with gear rental from Zion Rock and Mountain Guides outfitting shop. Shuttle rides to Kolob Terrace are $35.00/person with a $75 minimum for groups smaller than 3. Kolob Canyon service costs $35 per person with a $90 minimum for groups less than 3.

Even though little elevation is gained while hiking the 16 mile route between the southern entrance in Zion Canyon and the northern entry at Chamberlains Ranch, it is a rather grueling effort even for fit hikers because they must walk on uneven and slippery rocks. Thus, sturdy shoes that can get wet and remain that way for hours are essential equipment. Walking sticks are also popular among those who undergo the trek. Between November and April, people should wear wetsuits since the cold water will cause hypothermia.

It is important to note that caution is required when embarking on a hike up The Narrows. Since the river is surrounded on both sides by steep canyon walls, rain in the area is shunted into a narrow space as it travels down the river. This can create a fatal wall of water; people have died in the past while hiking here. However, this only happens when it rains in the area -- not necessarily in The Narrows -- and as long as hikers stay out of them when it rains, they are safe.

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